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Karthika Deepam Serial Today Episode – 8th January 2020

Karthika Deepam Serial Today Episode – 8th January 2020

Sourya is thinking something and going mad over the book. Deepa was furious when she saw it. Have you scratched the same tests? You promised become a collector? Do you feel so distracted even in class? Is that why the marks are falling? When I open the book, Challamma remembers myself and says sadly. Even after a series of questions… Deepa cries.

Pinched that the sandal is broken… Mother’s lamp with ‘kumkamma sandals in the good showroom  … Himaki daddy is all good’. Solar hand already, pin lamp with the pin … listening to it… Thinking sadly… Pinnies squeeze without looking at the finger. Blood gets better. Soon the cloth went off to open as a solar tension. The lamp throws a sandal in his hand in anger and sorrow. Crying well. In the meantime, the solar cloth brings in the lamp’s finger.

After laying a cloth on the lamp hand, nothing is going to work properly’. ‘Snow is all sin but  … Amma kadamma ..? Did you know that mom did you talk to her? Deepika with tension for future questions.. Why do we have them?

But Sourya is angry.. Ha ha… If you ask, what day is the truth? I inquired about my daddy and finally found the truth. Now I know who is the mother of the snowmen, I know that Sourya strongly. The lamp becomes a shock. Do you need all this? Deepa asked… ‘I need  … I will know all!’ That is Sourya.

Meanwhile, Murali is bringing the file to meet Krishna’s beauty. “Office work is well done there,” said Anandarao .. Murali greets Krishna. Meanwhile, Muralikrishna looks up at Kartik. Seeing it, you angrily say ‘Why did you get up? Why over-action? Do you have any curriculum for me? ‘Well done. If the scene is cut it will hear the whole snow

The snow on top … angrily descending… ‘Daddy said you should respect the elders. Did you treat me so well that I said something grandmother? And what are you doing now? ‘And then there are the questions on the questions. It would be so shocking. Kartik covers ‘Malati tea and give it to him  … Ready to Himani School’.

Grandpa will come to you today in school,’ says Hima. Well known as aesthetic pleasure. As Karthik leaves from there, Muralikrishna also hands the snow to the Kangrats and pocket money. ‘Thanks Grandpa’ is the snow. Sourya will also be ready for school function.

When Deepa is in a stronghold.. Sourya is wearing a dress. ‘Then I did not know how hard it was. But now.. I like this dress very much. I will do the same. ‘ Deepa Sourya overflows with love and kisses her heart .

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